One Year Later: Unrest, Epidemic and Renewed Mercies in Haiti

One year ago a disaster struck that drew the gaze of an entire planet. On January 12, 2010, a devastating earthquake hit Haiti. Millions gave, and watched, and wondered who would respond. 

EFCA TouchGlobal Crisis Response answered the call as one piece of a collaborated effort of the global church, humanitarian organizations and the generosity of givers around the globe. 

A year of turmoil

There’s been much healing and restoration in Haiti. However, it is difficult to get too euphoric about current conditions in Haiti. Since the initial devastation wrought by the earthquake, severe political unrest has erupted as the result of new presidential elections. Cholera continues to claim lives. However, in the midst of some of the most profound heartache and hopelessness, TouchGlobal Crisis Response continues to bring much needed aid and encouragement to some of those most affected by the tumultuous suffering.

God is there 

Crisis Response has witnessed an abundance of God’s provision and grace in the recovery of this broken country, despite the ongoing effects of the disaster. Many healthy, loving orphanages have been started to serve an uncountable number of orphaned children; key relationships have begun with a Haitian seminary for the training of healthy pastors to continue planting churches and shepherding the hurting people; partners in Congo, Colombia and Brazil have made preparations to send missionaries to serve their Haitian brothers and sisters. It is a beautiful thing to see the church bear one another’s burdens in such unison.

One Crisis Response worker reported that, after two orphanages had reached the end of their rope on food supply, a series of mysteriously providential events occurred.”That night I thought about the day and realized we provided food for over 100 orphans for at least a month.” Indeed, God is a gracious Father who loves the fatherless with unparalleled tenderness.

EFCA churches answered 

In August 2010, TouchGlobal Crisis Response issued an SOS to all EFCA churches to provide teams of 3-8 people to serve in Haiti each week through January. The EFCA churches have answered that call by sending over 200 people and 26 teams. Their service in Haiti has resulted in the construction of over 500 shelters, housing approximately 3,000 people. “Praise God, they are coming to build our home!” exclaimed three Haitian girls as a team of workers arrived.

The needs 

There is still much to be done in Haiti. The roads of Port-au-Prince are almost entirely choked with debris and pedestrians. Nearly 1.4 million Haitians remain displaced from their homes. Due to the political unrest, many orphanages are not able to get the food that they need to feed all of the hungry children. The rebuilding of more permanent homes must begin soon as the tent cities are breeding dangerous behaviors and poor sanitation.

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Bring a short-term team to Haiti. Help build and distribute temporary shelters for those who, even after one year, are still without a safe place to sleep.


For Haiti as it continues in its struggle to recover.


Make an online donation to Haiti earthquake relief efforts.


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