Missionary Transitions

She had never wanted to homeschool her children.

So, when Robin and her family arrived in Honduras in October 2010 and discovered that the school wouldn’t have space for Maria, 11, to attend until the fall of 2011, she did the only thing she could — she jumped into the homeschooling ring.

Out of all the transitions she’s encountered on the mission field in the past four months, becoming a homeschool mom has topped Robin’s list as the most stretching. She laughs as she considers the lesson this experience holds, confiding that, “In some ways, I’m still working through this one.”

Silver lining

After reflecting on it more, Robin admits that, in addition to giving her precious time with her youngest daughter, homeschooling has opened up a ministry door she otherwise may have missed — a homeschool group for Honduran parents in their local community.

After meeting the group, she says that it made it seem more like there’s a purpose to being in this unexpected position.

“I especially love third to sixth grade kids and coming up with art projects [for them] that link to a theme or lesson,” Robin says. “I’m passionate about that.”

With these Honduran homeschoolers, she hopes to help “parents find resources and ways to link art to subjects or themes that they are teaching” and to apply them in a homeschool environment.

Finding her place

Like many missionaries, when Robin arrived in her new home in Honduras, she longed to see immediate results as she and her husband, Roberto, jumped into their ministry (focused on compassion and business projects within the church). As the Christmas holiday approached and life in Honduras slowed even more than usual, establishing contacts and building relationships started off slow.

“Everything takes longer here than expected,” Robin says.

Yet Robin, with the peace of knowing that she and her family are living within God’s plan, has persevered in the ministry God has given her. In addition to homeschooling, another unexpected blessing has come: the chance to share Christ’s love with Roberto’s extended family members in Honduras.

“In the past there has never been much talk of God among most of Roberto’s family,” Robin says, “but I am hearing more and more comments about God’s blessing and provisions in their lives. Just yesterday, Roberto’s youngest sister called and asked us to spend some time with her during an upcoming visit so that we can pray for her soon-to-be-born baby… We look forward to the visit so we can share about God’s love for her and her baby.”

Other unexpected blessings

Encouragement has also come from unexpected connections for their ministry. Robin and Roberto have been pleasantly surprised more than once by the contacts God has provided — particularly in the area of success stories.

“We met a couple from an EFCA church in the U.S. that has been coming to Honduras for several years. The ministry they work with has a track record of success in business and compassion ministry projects,” Robin says. “I know the local church has a tortilla-making shop.”

She stresses that the projects are local, saying, “The projects are completely Honduran by design and funding. The U.S. church has been involved in the ministry indirectly.”

Roberto will have the opportunity to travel and see different projects in action throughout Honduras and to glean valuable information, insight and advice about launching a successful church-based business and compassion project.

Only a few months into their ministry assignment, Robin recognizes that, despite the difficulties, God is at work. They may struggle at times, but they are struggling well, pressing forward in faith and with excitement for the surprises that this new life holds.

“My prayer is to be able to serve the Lord in areas where I am gifted and where I have had some experience,” Robin concludes. “In the meantime, I am praising God for teaching me new things and stretching me beyond what I thought possible.”

* * * * *



  • For God-ordained connections for Robin and Roberto’s business and compassion project ministry.
  • That Robin would be able to use her gifts to serve the Lord with joy in Honduras.

4 thoughts on “Missionary Transitions”

  1. Go Robin!! I’m a fellow homeschooler here in the US. I’ve been at it for 17 years now. 32 years ago I got my first taste of missions outside of Yoro, Honduras. Today I get to pray for you for my heart is drawn to what God is calling you to do.

    Blessings, patience and peace be yours as you continue in your ministry to your children and the other moms and kids around you.

    In Christ’s love,

  2. It’s great to hear what God is doing through you and Roberto. I know it took a long time in the making (from our perspective) but seeing God’s plans unfold is awesome. As hard as it may be at times, I know you’ll forever cherish homeschooling and the work God is doing through your lives and those of the kids in your care…

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