Alicia’s Story

It has hard for Karla to know if she should laugh or cry at the shocked expression on Alicia’s face. “She was so very surprised when we told her that Barry does the dishes and that she’s a guest in our house,” Karla says.

When Alicia came to spend a long weekend in December with Karla and Barry (ReachGlobal missionaries serving in Mexico), she was prepared to cook and wash dishes. She even offered to scrub the floors.

“Her young life had been spent basically as a servant in her family’s and her uncle’s homes,” Karla says.

In reality, Alicia’s still quite young – only 13 years old. Yet, she no longer lives at home with her family. After becoming involved with a much older man, she became pregnant at age 12. Thrown out on the street to fend for herself, she found refuge at DAYA, a home for adolescent mothers and their children who have nowhere else to turn.

Just four and a half months after her son, Kevin, was born, Alicia was already grieving his sudden death from pneumonia. Karla, a volunteer at DAYA for three years, invited Alicia to spend a few days in her home, giving her time away to heal. “My concern was having her around all the other little ones [at DAYA house] when she was grieving her loss,” Karla says.

Given their strong relationship with DAYA, the Director actually approached Karla and Barry about inviting the girls (with their children) one-by-one to spend a weekend in their home and to experience “real family.”

For four days, Alicia did experience a “real family” in Karla and Barry. “We took her to our local park and had a blast on the swings and teeter totter,” Karla says. “She asked Barry to show her how to get higher [on the swings] – she didn’t know how to pump her legs!”

Maybe for the first time, Alicia was just a kid. Not a servant. Not a mother. Not a victim of abuse. She laughed with Karla and Barry, enjoying her time and soaking up the attention, love and affection.

More than two months later, Karla gladly reports, “Alicia is doing well, adjusting. She still lives at DAYA.”

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Bring a short-term team to Mexico City. Serve the Lord through creative evangelism, construction or renovation, teaching English as a Second Language (ESL), job or skills training… or other projects that match with your skills.

  • For Alicia to know Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior.
  • For Karla and Barry as they invite the girls from DAYA (and their children) into their home — that they would have the opportunity to continue to model Jesus in the lives of the girls.

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