Missionary Pulse: Sharing Music From The Heart

by Ashlee N., EFCA ReachGlobal missionary in Haiti

One of my favorite things about Haitian church is special music time. I will admit sometimes I giggle under my breath a little, but I truly do love this time.

“The thing is… it comes from the heart.”

You can come up to the worship leader during the offering time and tell him you have music you would like to share. They will let you sing. Eventually the band will figure out the music and start playing with you.

The thing is… it comes from the heart.

My friend and I were commenting after church one day that the second guy [who sang special music] wasn’t that good. I decided to ask my Haitian friend what he thought. He replied, “It was great.”

You see, it came from the heart, and anything you want to share is great! They care about what is behind it — the heart — not the surface stuff that we care so much about in the U.S.

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Missionary Pulse is a column dedicated to reflections directly from the ReachGlobal Latin America missionaries on the field. See archives.

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