Venezuelans Ministering Beyond Their Borders

In a rented house in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, three women met with the desire to create a new ministry for the 15 to 20 women in their church.

Monica, Ivonne and Emérita (Ivonne’s mother), members of a small Evangelical Free Church, struggled to orchestrate monthly meetings. There was an overall lack of commitment and unity among the women, and few attended.

“We didn’t have anyone to guide us to be good leaders,” Monica says. “We didn’t know how to lead or guide Bible studies. We didn’t have many resource materials. We didn’t have anyone to help us [the leadership team] to grow spiritually or disciple us.”

That is when they heard about Women without Borders (Ministerio Mujeres Sin Fronteras) through a missionary couple serving in Honduras. WWB is a sub-ministry of the National Women’s Ministry (La Unión de Damas) of the Evangelical Free Church of Venezuela which is comprised of more than 60 churches.

“Within Venezuela, the National Women’s Ministry is great,” says Rebecca, an EFCA ReachGlobal missionary working with WWB. “They have awesome resources and equip women around their country. Realizing how much God has taught them, they now share that with others outside their borders.”

That realization led the National Women’s Ministry to create WWB to train and mentor women leaders outside of Venezuela, like the women in Honduras.

In the spring of 2010, Rebecca visited Monica, Ivonne and Emérita in Honduras to explain more about WWB.

“It impressed me how these women [of WWB] have organized their time and ministry,” Monica says. “They are women who are busy, they work and have families, but they can still serve the Lord in their churches and through this special ministry.”

In July 2011, WWB sent Rebecca and three Venezuelan women on a five-day trip to Honduras to build a partnership with the Honduran women. Throughout the week, the WWB team taught workshop classes on how to organize and structure a women’s ministry.

The Honduran leadership team was very responsive to the teaching, and they plan to apply what they learned to create new structures for ministry.

“I will need to organize myself and my time better,” Monica says. “In order for this ministry to grow, I will need to spend more time with the women, caring for them and visiting them. As a team, we will need to work together to do a better job of planning events, Bible studies and activities.”

The WWB team had the chance to meet with all the women of the church in Honduras, to learn of their needs and to encourage them. They had times of prayer, worship, fellowship and meals together. The team also had the opportunity to teach from God’s word on the idea of Christian unity and community.

Monica, Ivonne and Emérita all desire spiritual mentorship and encouragement as they move forward in their renewed women’s ministry. WWB is providing three Venezuelan mentors for these leaders. Each Honduran woman will have bi-weekly Skype calls with her mentor to discuss her Bible study, gain resources and receive encouragement.

“This partnership has and will affect our women’s ministry by strengthening us as a team and equipping us as women leaders, so that we can accomplish the goal of developing a healthy, effective women’s ministry,” Monica says.

* * * * *


  • For Monica, Ivonne, Emérita, and their church in Tegucigalpa — that God would bless the women’s ministry and would use these women leaders to serve their fellow women in Honduras.
  • That Women without Borders would continue to have God-ordained opportunities to minister to women in other countries throughout Latin America.

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