1000 Words: Father-Daughter Bonding

Dave Mathis (Calvary Church, MO) swims at Taino Beach in Haiti with his soon-to-be-daughter, Oltania. Dave and his wife, Sharron, are in the process of adopting Oltania from the Operation Love The Children Of Haiti orphanage in Leogane. They had a day of bonding at the beach in early October following Calvary’s week-long work trip with EFCA ReachGlobal.

[See related article “Building Beautiful Families” to learn more about the Mathis’ journey.]

Photo credit: Ashlee N., EFCA ReachGlobal missionary in Haiti

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1000 Words is a column dedicated to photos from the field — photos that capture more than words can say alone. See archives.

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On an unexpected journey with the One who gave me unfathomable grace, I'm just trying to follow Jesus and love Him and others a little better each day.

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