Missionary Pulse: It Will All Be Beautiful

by Naomi S., EFCA ReachGlobal missionary in Mexico

I was talking to a kind friend the other day about how I was adjusting to life in Mexico, and I told her that I can compare my transition into my new culture to meeting someone new.

Has this ever happened to you? You meet someone new, and you notice some flaws about her. Maybe she laughs too loud or she has crooked teeth (or maybe she is very short and has freckles)…

Then, time goes by and you spend time with this person. You laugh with her and cry with her and pray with her. And before you know it, she is the most beautiful person you know — her smile is lovely and her laugh is magical.

So I think I’m there in my transition to Mexico.

I’m noticing the flaws, but I’m also hopeful because I know that day will come when it will all be beautiful to me.

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Missionary Pulse is a column dedicated to reflections directly from the ReachGlobal Latin America missionaries on the field. See archives.

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