Missionary Pulse: What Would I Do?

by Brian D., EFCA ReachGlobal International Leader, Latin America/Caribbean

“What will you do when ‘they’ tell you to leave or face death?”

A godly Mexican pastor (we’ll call him José) was asked this question by a trusted mentor in reference to the work he is doing to expand his church’s ministry in a difficult area in Mexico. José and his congregation are running Awana programs for kids, job-skills training for adults and other outreach ministries in an area of town controlled by drug gangs.

I was struck by how open José was when he told me, “It took two months to think through the answer. I discussed it with my family and we came to a decision together.”

Their answer is evident as the ministry continues to reach those without hope in a region facing daily threats to life.

To this point José has not personally received death threats, but he knows what his answer will be when they come. Far from being a theoretical possibility that invites glib responses, José and his family know it is just a matter of time before the threats become reality.

As I travel all over Latin America and the Caribbean, there is theoretical danger — but the risk is miniscule compared to that faced by José and other faithful believers like him. While I come and go quickly, these amazing servants increase their risk the longer they persevere in reaching the lost and hopeless.

And still, it makes me honestly consider — what would my response be if asked the same question?

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Missionary Pulse is a column dedicated to reflections directly from the ReachGlobal Latin America missionaries on the field. See archives.

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