Mexico: ‘We need water’

Emergency drinking water needed in storm-ravaged town

Mexican MudFrom ReachGlobal Mexico City Team Leader Joshua Smith:

As we stepped into the village of Bejuco, it was like a war zone. The military had arrived to respond to the massive flooding, most villagers had been forced to flee and live in temporary refuge centers, and those who remained said very simply, “We need water.”

Through partnerships with local pastors, the regional government of Coyuca and Operation Blessing, we have arranged to bring two water treatment facilities to the area. One will be placed in the city center and provided clean drinking water that will be distributed to the most affected villages in the region. The other will be placed in this village, meeting a pressing physical need. Both water plants will be supervised by local pastors who will ensure that both clean water and the Living Water are offered to the people of the area.

We hope that the Lord might use this crisis to break the crippling power of local drug lords and bring salvation and hope to the region through His gospel and His church.

How to help

We need to raise $2,000 immediately to cover the cost of the water plants and related ministry efforts. Please donate at Mexico Emergency Flood Response.

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