A dream come true

by Mike Gunderson

Shipibo pastors

“This is like a dream to me. When I, and many in my village, came to Jesus we wanted a church and they chose me to be the pastor. They handed me a Bible and basically said, ‘go for it’. Since then they have trained me as an oral Bible specialist, but I still dreamt of being able to study the Word myself.  Now that dream is coming true.”

Francisco and the others who participated in our second course are all fisherman and farmers. They live on the Ucayali River, a tributary to the Amazon. They eat fish and

Shipibo training
Francisco – Shapibo pastor and Pathways student in the Peruvian Amazon

plantain bananas every day. Now they are feasting on God’s Word every day in a brand new way and they are “eating it up”.  Due to their limited education, teaching them was a challenge (for instance, they had never worked in small groups before), but it was really fun and incredibly rewarding. Thank you for partnering with us so that Francisco, and pastors like him up the river, can learn to study and preach God’s Word faithfully. Pray for them as they pass the training on to other pastors up the river.


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