Out of the favela: Gospel transforming power

by Craig Weyandt

As Alessandra, Alyssia and I travel here in the United States Edilson and Luiz get ready to embark on their trip to Piui in the North East of Brazil.  They are one of three teams that are being sent from the Caju Life Church to make disciples in other regions of Brazil.


Sunday, before we traveled to the USA, I was at the Caju life church and Edilson (Left) shared his testimony.  I was glad because although I knew Edilson for a few years I did not know  his conversion Story!  I knew him as the Tech “kid” at the church and wondered if he was really ready to embark on this missions venture so far away!

I was amazed.  Edilson shared that two members of his family brought him to the Caju Life Church when he was 15.  He became part of the Caju family, “Purê”, as they call it at the church.  He experienced belonging.   He accepted Christ and was being discipled, but his family disowned him.   Even the two that brought him to the church had fallen away.   He was alone, but he still had his small group and the church as family.  

Now, with tears in his eyes he called his family up front.  Today 20 of his family know Jesus and are being discipled.  Today they are Purê because of his faithfulness to Jesus and the way Caju Life church embraces the lost and cares for the faithful.    


What a marvelous example of what God is doing in Brazil among the young….in the midst of great political and economic confusion. God is at work!

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