How Do We See God Moving in Latin America?

“I think that one of the greatest misconceptions we have right now is that Latin America is a reached entity, as well as the Caribbean.” –Omar Rodriguez, Latin America/Caribbean International Leader

“We are praying for an increase of missionaries to come here, we see that this harvest is ready.” –Melanie Morris, Area Leader

God is moving in mighty and beautiful ways in this region of the world!

This video is a brief overview of some of the ministries our missionaries are currently working in and churches they are partnering with.  It was made about six months ago, so a few points are a bit dated (but still very relevant). Over the next several months, you can be on the lookout for country, city, and team specific video projects as they are produced.  The church is growing, people are being developed, empowered and released to walk in obedience to the Lord here.  We are seeing growth, we are seeing openness, and we are seeing huge opportunities to participate in kingdom work.

If you are interested in becoming one of the workers in this region, we invite you to visit our “Ways to Serve” page, and also to get in touch with us at

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