Redeeming the Next Generation in Peru

This month, we will be featuring a few posts from our team in Peru!  To begin, here is a short video about the current ministry and also vision for the near future with our ReachGlobal missionaries.

Here are some ways you can be praying for our Peru Team:

  • Pray that the Yanesha children and youth would come to know Christ! That the seeds that have already been planted would continue to grow, that new ones would be planted daily, and that one day God would grab a hold of every heart, revealing his love and grace, and they would believe in Him.
  • That they would be equipped in every way – financially, emotionally, physically – to graduate from high school.
  • Pray for their health, that children would have adequate nutrition and care to grow and develop healthy, that illnesses would not prevent them from attending school.
  • Friendships– that each child and teen would develop healthy friendships with peers and with adults in their communities with whom they can trust and confide in. Pray against bullying among peers, against gossip, and against any tactic Satan may use to divide and tear people down.
  • Identity– may they know that their identity, their value and worth, does not come from who they are dating, what they own, or any other earthly thing. May they know that they are God’s, created in His image, His beloved sons and daughters whom he died for on the cross. May they know how much they are loved by their Creator.
  • Schools– Pray for the primary and secondary schools in the communities, for the teachers who are working and living out in the jungle – that they would be have everything they need to teachwell, that the teachers would be eager to teach and have a desire to see these kids grow and learn, both academically and as individuals. That they would show up for classes each day believing they are making a difference in each student’s life

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