The Cuban Consortium

The Cuban church is resilient with great perseverance and it has not only survived, but it is growing as a movement despite being in a restricted access country. The current president and denominational leadership team are creative and have led the denomination into an exciting way of doing ministry. LPN has been an excellent best fit partner in Cuba.

In 2012, ReachGlobal was asked by LPN to partner with them in their vision to mobilize a church planting movement. The LPN denomination has already developed a strategy which they call the 10-10-5-10 Vision. This Vision entails 10 Church Planting Movements, in 10 major cities, in 5 years with 10 farms to help to sustain the ministry.

To help LPN to reach its Vision, ReachGlobal founded the Cuba Consortium as an initiative geared toward joining forces with EFCA churches and other like-minded organizations to come alongside the church in Cuba. Since 2012, ReachGlobal and the consortium have sent in pastors, teachers, counselors, church planting coaches, women ministry leaders and denominational leaders to help the church in Cuba. Our desire is to concentrate heavily on developing relationships with the pastors and believers in Cuba so that fruitful ministry might take place. 

In 2016, the LPN denomination reported the existence of 115 training centers with 16,447 students from 23 different denominations. In that same year, 27,830 new house churches and prayer cells were launched, there were 34,634 professions of faith and 51,114 believers were baptized across Cuba.

Since its inception, LPN has been characterized by being evangelistic, compassionate and missions minded. During 2017, it is committed to training many of its young professionals to serve as workers across the world. ReachGlobal and the consortium are committed to helping to train, to send and to support these brethren as they serve the Lord abroad.”

Is your church interested in doing ministry in Cuba? A Cuba consortium meeting is being planned for October 26-27 at the Compass Church in Wheaton, IL. Maybe, you should go and attend as an observer? We will be reviewing last year’s ministry and making plans for next year. Come and see how you might contribute to what God is doing trough His church in Cuba.

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Giving from the little they have

by Omar Rodriguez, Associate International Leader for Latin America/Caribbean

Old Habana

One of the characteristics of believers throughout the ages is a desire to meet the needs of their brothers and sisters in Christ. Often, the giver is not much better off than the person who will be receiving the gift. That doesn’t seem to stop believers from giving because at the end of the day, what matters is not the capacity of the giver but rather, the capacity of our God who earnestly desires to meet the needs of His children.

In preparation for a recent trip to Cuba with several pastors from around Latin America and the Caribbean, one of the participants asked if there was something that he could take on behalf of his church in Costa Rica to the church in Cuba. We listed a few items but also reminded that brother and the others who would be attending, that there would be a pastor from Venezuela who would also be at the meetings and that the situation in that country was actually worse than the situation in Cuba.  So, we agreed to take up an offering for Venezuela and ended up raising $780.

A few days after arriving home, pastor Samuel wrote us the following note, “I also wanted to thank you for the gift you gave me to help with the situation here. I have compiled a list of some families strongly affected by the crisis to help with bi-weekly or monthly support as appropriate. I spoke with someone who can help us get to places where you can buy something called a ” combo” (bags with some groceries that are hard to come by). These combos can be bought in some supermarkets when you shop above 3,000 Bs. We can buy several of these combos to make bags that will help, at least for a week, to some of the most affected families.”

We figure that some 250 bags will be distributed in the coming months to our brethren in Venezuela. Given the circumstances in the country, that’s just a tiny drop. But to those families, it will be another opportunity to experience what believers for millennium have been experiencing, as Paul aptly puts it, “And my God will supply all your needs according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus.”