Our People — Brazil

Steve and Liz Spellman

Steve and Liz Spellman have served as missionaries with ReachGlobal since 1989.   For over 20 years they served in the city of Rio de Janeiro, helping to plant churches and work with youth and church leaders in that city.

Currently (and bizarrely), Steve and Liz divide their time between Brazil and Haiti. In Brazil (the city of Rio do Sul) – they serve in leadership of the Brazilian EFC Church Planting Network, helping to develop, lead, mentor and coach church planters and church plants throughout the country.

Steve and Liz also currently serve as the city team leaders for ReachGlobal’s emerging work in Haiti, where Steve overseas our international staff and gives direction to our local partnerships.

They have three daughters, all of whom were born in Brazil, all of whom get their beauty from their mother (and we’re so thankful for that!). Our oldest, Alessandra is married to Eric and lives in Seattle, working in the area of graphic design. Rebecca also lives in Seattle, having moved there to be close to her sister, and working in the area of organizational leadership. Kayla is the youngest and currently lives in Lincoln, Neb.