1000 Words: Learning Amidst The Rubble

Children enjoy a short recess at a local community school in Gressier, Haiti, playing in and around the partially destroyed building that houses some of their classes. A new three-room school building (not pictured), built by short-term teams from ReachGlobal/TouchGlobal, only provides space for some of the more […]

Video: Playground in Sumpango

Los Olivos Church in Sumpango, Guatemala, believes that the best way to reach the city for Jesus is through its children. So building a playground was a natural fit. Read the article “Making Ministry Look Like Child’s Play” to find out more about the playground ministry in Sumpango.  

Missionary Pulse: Celebrating Life

by Joshua S., EFCA ReachGlobal missionary in Mexico Many American evangelicals have found a way to make peace with Halloween. Harvest festivals, Spiderman costumes, and generic pumpkin carving contests have provided a more biblically sound alternative to the gloom and doom origins of Halloween. However, Mexico’s national Day […]

Missionary Pulse: What Would I Do?

by Brian D., EFCA ReachGlobal International Leader, Latin America/Caribbean “What will you do when ‘they’ tell you to leave or face death?” A godly Mexican pastor (we’ll call him José) was asked this question by a trusted mentor in reference to the work he is doing to expand […]