Serving in Peru

Trek 7 Peru

Serve and learn from Yanesha youth, a people group in the Peruvian Amazon Jungle

IMG_1310The Yanesha people experienced a spiritual awakening when they were reached by Wycliffe in the 1960s with their first schools and the New Testament. Fifty years later, however, that excitement has almost died out. The next generation is not involved in their parents’ church and is attracted to the “civilization” that is knocking at their door (electricity, cell phone coverage, internet).

Our team will be working together to reach out to these minority youth in three different high schools, in the middle of the jungle, using English, sports and music to communicate that Jesus is real for this generation, too. 

As a Trek 7 participant, you’ll spend some time in Spanish study, cross cultural adjustment, personal and spiritual development and team dynamics. You’ll prepare to teach, train and hang out with Yanesha youth — and learn all you can from them, too.

This experience will include lots of travel on dirt roads, by truck, motorcar, and on foot, staying in remote villages with no internet or cell phone signal, sleeping on hard beds in a hot, humid climate with a few bugs (hopefully no snakes). You’ll get to try armadillo, suri, and other jungle specialties. Bring your mosquito net! Clean water community education, engineering water systems, fruit drying, and community medical training are additional ongoing efforts you can investigate.

Are you someone who can give up some of your freedoms (preferred dress, personal comfort and fluid communication) in order to reach out to others from a totally different culture? This challenge, for seven weeks, with the open, hospitable, resilient Yanesha people will very likely change you forever.

For more information or to start the application process, contact Meredith & Carlos Block.

Also, check out this video about the Yanesha people group.