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The heart, mission, and even tagline of ReachGlobal is “Develop, Empower, Release”.  We, in whatever ministry we are involved in, have this as our goal in all things.  To develop leaders, to empower them in multiplying and empower them to go forth and disciple, and then to release them.  We want to be disciple makers making disciple makers.

ProMETA is a ministry that lives out this goal so perfectly in all they do.  They are a perfect example of what multiplication could look like in the church and on the mission field.  This ministry, which is an online seminary program, done fully in Spanish, has just recently celebrated its 10 year anniversary.  However, it was a dream for many years before that, and in process even as the internet was just coming of age.

Because of its unique design, these incredibly experienced, wise, and well-educated Bible teachers can get to places where it is impossible to travel at the moment, especially Venezuela and parts of Cuba.  Those who wouldn’t be able to afford a seminary education are given the opportunity through the many scholarships offered, as well as the overall affordable class prices.

Please pray for ProMETA and its ongoing work of training up leaders and pastors in the Latin American church.

For more information on ProMETA, their classes or how to be involved, please email or visit their website at


How God is Raising Up Leaders Through IBAC

It’s a pretty incredible sight.

Hundreds of Latino pastors, crowded into a room, hungry for the Word and ready to grow in their theology.

They come for three day sessions, twice a year, as they work through their seminary studies.  Why is it done this way?  These men and women are already in full-time ministry.  They are in positions where they can’t drop everything and uproot their families to go attend seminary.

Many have said, nationals and missionaries alike, that the greatest need in the Latin American church is the need for theological education.  Good theology!  This is a region of the world where Catholicism has reigned for hundreds of years, but where the prosperity gospel is also growing like an untamed weed.  Evangelism is truly only the first piece, the first step.  What comes after that? Discipleship. That’s the longer step, the piece that takes dedicated relationship and a commitment to walk through life with people. Commitment to the long-haul.

The design of IBAC is discipleship of pastors and church leaders, who will (and often are already) leading people in their own local community.  Men who are leading out of their own testimony and knowledge of God, but need further training in the proper handling of the Word.

Consider how this model of multiplication discipleship affects the countries where it is being used–

IBAC has a presence in five countries – Guatemala, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, and the United States.  There are currently 22 locations, training between 2,200 and 2,500 pastors and church leaders annualy. That’s 2,500 men and women who are in leadership positions in their churches, so consider how many people they are discipling themselves and affecting with the Word!

The 7 year program has been completed already in five locations, which represents  about 660 graduates to date.  IBAC is planning on starting new Bible Institutes in 6 new locations (in Ecuador, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Panama). What huge opportunities to bring people into deeper knowledge of the Word, and then have them apply it immediately in their own native setting.

There are currently  22 partner churches who have adopted a Bible Institute – 21 in the United States, and 1 in Costa Rica.  If your church, or a group from your church is interested in more information, or making the commitment to walking alongside one of these schools, you can contact Jim Wilson at