Haiti: Lessons From a Missionary-sending Nation

By Laura-Jean Watson Everyone knows about the poverty of Haiti: The country suffers from sky-high unemployment (more than 40 percent). Thousands of people still live tents sent after the January 2010 earthquake.  Per-capita GDP is $1,358 (compared to $51,248 in the U.S.), making Haiti the poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere. But Haiti is, in [...]

In Nicaragua, Bible Training Strengthens Churches

In Nicaragua, Bible Training Strengthens Churches

[nggallery id=5] Inside a sweltering, one-room church, fans blow, children wander, and English and Spanish blend together. At the front of the room, Chris Moore, a pastor from Fort Smith, Ark.,  passionately teaches on the doctrine of the Holy Spirit. By his side, Nicaraguan Chico Avendaño translates the words into Spanish. This gathering in Chinandega, [...]

Word of God, word of mouth

Oralidad teaches Peruvian leaders to spread a spoken gospel DVDs? Nope. iPads? Hardly. Even in this hyper-digitized world, Abelardo Vasquez Lopez is using a tool as old as communication itself to share the gospel in eastern Peru. Vasquez, 39, is a pastor from the Shipibo tribe, a group of about 40,000 native Peruvians who live [...]